I am always grateful for the kind words I receive from clients both past and present.  Please take a look at the testimonials below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am also happy to provide a complete list of references should you require them.

With an exceptional and deep understanding of Physics and Mechanics fundamentals, Ken is the most insightful engineer I've ever met or worked with. He has a clever structured and holistic approach of addressing problems to make sure nothing is left behind. Analysis is definitely his comfort zone whether it is numerical (FEA, CFD), analytical or statistical (DOE, response surface optimization, MSA). Beside his unique technical skill set, he has an outstanding attitude (humble, honest, open-minded, easy going, respectful, team player). It doesn't matter if he doesn't know the solution initially because he is going to find it and he is really good at it.

In short, he is a must have engineer and he is going to make a significant positive contribution to any organization. As a colleague who worked with him for over 3 years he has my highest recommendation.

Hamid Torabi, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineeering Lead, Kymeta Corporation, WA

As a Program Manager at Astronics, I worked with Ken for 2 years on a technically challenging 9-CCA avionics subsystem for a new aircraft design.

With tight budget and schedule constraints, having Ken as the mechanical design lead on the project was a welcome relief. With the level of experience Ken brought to the table, I was freed up to focus on other portions of the program - knowing with full confidence that the mechanical design was in capable hands.

Ken’s intuition and insight proved particularly invaluable during Design Verification Testing where he rapidly identified solutions to a series of issues that popped up in vibration testing. When all was said and done, the team took a design that was “last to the table” behind a dozen other LRUs and ended up having it ready first for environmental qualification.

Joe Pratt, Program Manager 4, Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems, WA

I had the opportunity to work with Ken at Kymeta Corporation and he was key to the success of the project I led. His ability to stay calm and focused in a fast paced environment is second to none and he is committed to doing thoughtful, quality work. 

Ken is a subject matter expert in thermal, stress and dynamic analysis but his contributions at Kymeta expanded well beyond that expertise. He is a versatile design engineer who can be counted on for creative mechanical solutions and routinely will take on challenges where he becomes the in-house expert. 

It would be my pleasure to work with Ken again and I hope our paths will cross professionally in the future. He brings extensive mechanical engineering expertise as well as a positive attitude to the workplace. Ken is a solid mechanical engineering professional.

Andrew Turner - Senior Mechanical Engineer at Kymeta Corporation

I was always relieved when Ken would be working one of the mechanical engineering issues on the LJ85 program - I knew the problem would get resolved and resolved quickly. Ken would take on problems with a positive attitude and provide practical solutions. Ken is smart, detail oriented and very creative in looking at the mechanical designs. He is also a great team member - fun to work with, got along with everyone, and always added his humor at just the right time to a stressful meeting. I really appreciated having Ken on the LJ85 team.

Cyndi Smith, Program Manager, Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems, WA

I’ve worked with Ken on a daily basis for the past 4 years. Together we worked on numerous products, including a number of key component design efforts for the new Learjet 85. If I had to describe him in one word it would be “driven”. Ken has been extensively involved in product design, analysis and DVT efforts, and his structural and thermal analysis efforts have been critical in verifying our products meet aircraft requirements. Ken has proven himself time and time again against tight schedules, and he has a great sense of humor that takes the edge off even the most stressful situations. “Hands down” one of the best engineers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Doug Gray, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems, WA

Ken was a key member of the program team. He not only was outstanding technically, he also was responsive, responsible, and understood the total program. He was a leader and very well respected by his peers, other members of the team, and by the customer. It was a pleasure to have Ken on the team.

Terry Reed, Senior Program Manager, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, WA

Ken is a great engineer who is meticulous in his work. He is able to evaluate every aspect of an issue, while being willing to accept ideas that he may not have thought about. Ken's work is consistently on time or early, and exceeds expectations. He is easy to work with and gets along with everyone. He would be a valuable asset for any company that he works for.

Eric Buss, Manufacturing Engineer, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, WA

I had the great pleasure of working with Ken over a period of 5 years at Raytheon on the LPD 17 program.  I found him to be an extemely bright and motivated engineer.

Ken and I collaborated on a few different work efforts for the program, including the Shipboard Wide Area Network migration from ATM to Gigabit Ethernet technology, subsidiary environmental qualification and working on a collaborative team with the Navy to assess feasibility of new design technologies. Ken's engineering skillset and his attention to detail were key to the success of all the efforts.

During the qualification phase of the SWAN Gigabit migration, Ken's design was put to the test during heavyweight shipboard shock testing, which was completed in a record 4 days with no issues at all.

His professionalism, positive attitude, and untiring work ethic set him apart from his peers and set the standard for junior engineers. He was an invaluable asset to the mechanical engineering section and I relied on him heavily to complete tasks on schedule and within budget. I highly recommend Ken as a technical contributer and know that he has the capability to be a valuable technical leader. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Scott Rosen, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, CA

Ken is one of the few well-rounded engineers that I have ever had the pleasure of managing. From cable design to test set build to shock and vibration, Ken would take on any task with focus and enthusiasm. Ken’s feedback and attention to detail were instrumental in identifying numerous improvements to a suite of prototype electronics modules. He did an excellent job of facilitating extensive environmental test efforts with the US Navy’s Environmental Test Laboratories. When I asked Ken to do something I knew it would get done right and in a timely fashion.

Michelle Owen, Principal Electrical Engineer and Project Lead, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems,