With 20 years of mechanical design experience in developing products for use in challenging environments, our diverse skill set ranges from standalone circuit card design to full up electronics systems. Below you will find a list of areas of expertise where we can assist you in fulfilling your goals. We take pride in being flexible and responsive to your needs.

Comprehensive Design & Development

  • Avionics • Aerospace • Alternative Energy • Commercial Electronics • Industrial Electronics • Medical Electronics Systems • Communications • Network Systems • Transportation
  • Integrated Electronics Packaging, Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Power Distribution Design
  • Systems Thermal Management (Active and Passive Cooling, Solar Loading & Altitude Effects)
  • Printed Wiring Boards / Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Wiring / Interconnects / Cable Design & Routing / Cable Management
  • Sheet Metal, Machined, Formed & Injection Molded Parts and Enclosures
  • Rack Mounted Systems (EIA-310) / ARINC 404/600 Avionics Modules
  • Power Amplifiers / Power Bussing / High Current Applications
  • Flat Panel Antenna Design / Ku/Ka Band / RF Considerations
  • LRMs / LRUs / Standalones / Portable Electronic Devices - Custom packaging to your specifications

Design Documentation

  • Printed Wiring Board / Circuit Card Assembly Drawing Packages
  • Cable Drawings / Wiring / Interconnects / Block Diagrams
  • Portable and Fixed Environmental Enclosures, Rack Mount Systems
  • Part, Assembly and Source Control Drawings and Bills of Material for Manufacturing
  • Formal Project Data Management (PDM)
  • System and Hardware Requirements Management
  • Support of all related design reviews (PDR, CDR, TRR)
  • Oversight of all aspects of design process

Design Review

Need a second (or third) set of eyes on your new design? Design reviews are available.

  • Design for Manufacturability (DfM)
  • Design for Reliability (DfR)
  • Design to Cost (DtC)

All design efforts and reviews are confidential.  At Takeo Innovation, we understand how critical it is to maintain your IP advantage.

CAD Software Experience

SolidWorks • SolidWorks Electrical • ProEngineer • CATIA • AutoCAD • SolidEdge