Contract & Payment Policy

Mechanical design, analysis, product development, prototyping and proof-of-concept efforts are offered to corporations, engineering firms and organizations – as a contract engineer working directly for the customer. When only support services are required, Takeo Innovation provides the business infrastructure to meet your needs -- licensed as a business in the state of Washington.

We take pride in our ability to collaborate with other individuals, teams, disciplines and companies in order to achieve the customers’ goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Efforts or services can involve an entire design or project, portions of a design, short or long term contract or consulting on an as needed basis. Whatever the customer needs. 

For longer term efforts or when billing through a staffing agency W2 is preferred.

Short term contract efforts are typically under 1099.  Support services can likewise be under 1099 or treated as a vendor.  

  • Cost and scheduling can be as simple as a Statement-of-Work with dollars and milestones, with periodic invoices at agreed upon intervals. More comprehensive contracts as well as ongoing support can also be arranged.
  • While all billing is computed at an hourly rate for work done or services provided, when quotations or estimates are involved, the corresponding amount will be represented in hours of work needed. Other than particular expenses like travel and specialized equipment, Takeo Innovation accounts for its own overhead.
  • While we will locate and arrange the work of fabrication, assembly houses, environmental test facilities or other sub-contractors, their fees are paid directly by the customer -- resulting in lower cost to the customer.
  • All designs are supported for as long as the customer needs, indefinitely, on an hourly or agreed upon rate.